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Shifting Sands

South Asian Awareness Network's Annual Speaker Conference Logo 


South Asian Awareness Network

 SAAN aims to increase awareness of issues salient to South Asian communities, encourage its participants to engage thoughtfully with their surroundings and promote innovative solutions to issues of social justice. 

Through numerous events throughout the year, SAAN aims to raise awareness of South Asian and social justice issues on campus and beyond. SAAN follows its mission by hosting collaborative events with other organizations, creating open spaces for dialogue, and providing avenues for activism, among many other activities and events.

Shifting Sands 

This year's annual SAAN conference, Shifting Sands, encourages attendees to strive to look inwards as a group by acknowledging the privileges they may hold, challenging their own biases, learning from the experiences of others, and exploring the contexts that have brought them to where they are. From this effort, we hope to collaborate with those who are engaging in similar work on this campus to build lasting community. We aim to maintain spaces that challenge the dominant narrative and support those who are not given the opportunity to tell their stories.

My Responsibilities 

  • Logo Design

  • Poster / Banner Creation for Campus Advertisement  (Painting this logo)

  • Designing Gear for Organization Members 

  • Designing & Printing Booklets for Conference 

  • Social Media Promotion through use of Logo & Creative Photography

  • Poster-ing around Campus to Market

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