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Planet Rock App Design

UX/UI Design -  Interaction - Mobile Application

Planet Rock App

Concept Design

Team: Shrinali Pate, Juliette Mandell, Edger Chung, Rinette Korea

2018 ( 8 weeks)

*Take a look at my full Slide Set - for more detail and depth to the Planet Rock App

Project Overview

Planet Rock is a climbing gym with a diverse group of users who use the space to honor their climbing skills and collaborate on problems.Because space has already, for the most part, met the user’s needs, our goal is not to add onto what is already present but to further encourage connection and collaboration between the users and space.

We propose to build a mobile application for returning members and newcomers which will serve as a platform to track progress and meet new friends. Some of the functionalities will include: a ‘check-in’ feature that will unlock certain functionalities within the space, display news and information as well as keep the user up to date when the rock walls change, keep a leaderboard and give out achievements to encourage climbers to continue practicing.

Demonstrated Skills

  • Concept Development

  • Problem Solving/Brainstorming

  • Collaborative Ideation

  • User Research/User Modeling

  • Scenario Building

  • High Level Representation

  • Detailed Design


AEIOU Methods:

Activities: Bouldering walls have monthly problem sets;

                Underutilized workout gym

Environment: Second floor only accessible with stairs;

                Space intended to use bright colors

Interactions: Gym-goers like to watch climbers solve problems;

                Some like to converse / social and some doesn’t

Objects: Chalk all over the walls; Safety signages not very

                visible / prominent; Dim lighting

Users: Age range 7-60, mostly 16-30; new climbers, children,

                employees, Casual climbers (few times a month),

                active climbers (3-7 days a week

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 2.51.06 AM.png
 4 active climbers, 1 non-climber, 1 employee, 1 casual climber, 2 children
  • Non-climbers are not interested because of remote location and concern of safety

  • General consensus about problems of people falling on top of each other due to the design of the space

  • Some climbers do not like to socialize, while some enjoys company when solving problems

  • Children are energetic and like to run around; May be dangerous without supervision from employees / instructor

  • Given the choice of redesigning the space, most climbers would prefer to have more walls / problems to climb with


  • Safety: Promote Users to be more Cautious and Aware

    • Be sure to not get caught under a fall zone

  • Inclusivity/Interaction: Promoting interaction between both new and experienced climbers

    • Eliminate intimidation in newer climbers



Solution Brainstorming

IMG_0271 2.JPG
  • “Set up designated waiting areas away from climbing (could be color coded on floor)”

  • “Designated walking paths from falling people”

  • “Intro to climbing presentation to watch”

  • “Shoe racks”

  • “Virtual videos of people climbing”

  • "Increased Visuals or Safety Signage"

  • "Increased Information Display"

  • "More Activities/Challenges"

Final Plan

  • After numerous site visits and interviews with the audience in Planet Rock, we discovered the existing spatial design has already met most of the users’ needs. However, there remains untapped potential in promoting interaction / communication among climbers both inside and outside of the gym, due to the collaborative nature of the sport itself. We therefore propose the implementation of an app with social features such as leaderboards, achievements, and a messaging system. We also propose physical implementations in the gym, such as a physical leaderboard and QR codes, to combine the physical and digital experience.​​​

  • Our app matches the goal of the prompt: the messaging feature would foster dialogue and encourage play between strangers, while a digital barrier also removes assumptions / intrinsic bias in face-to-face conversations: our personalized profiles and leaderboard would help people understand others better beyond how they look / their cultures, thus promoting diversity and conversations in any people that goes to the gym
    Interviews and AEIOU observations suggest climbers really like to solve / work on a problem with friends or in group; We aim to extend this interaction to outside the gym

Scenarios + Storyboarding

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 3.15.26 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 3.15.44 AM.png


Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 3.16.04 AM.png

Final Screens

PRA final
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